Acme Politics is designed to be an online round-table. We welcome all those who advocate for a liberal democracy, by which we mean a representative democracy that respects the rule of law and seeks to act for the people, not against the people.

The commentators we have drawn together have differing views on a range of subjects, this is by design. They also use pseudonyms, this is for two reasons.

The first is to ensure that articles are as open and honest as possible, it is hoped that through anonymity our writers can express the truest form of their ideas without fear of professional, or personal, embarrassment.

The second reason is to ensure that our readers remain as open minded as possible about an article before and during their reading it. In other words we would like the ideas to stand on their own merit, not on the basis of who someone is or what they do.

You may disagree with something that has been said, we would actively encourage you to state your points of contention in our comments section. That said, we will not tolerate the abuse of writers, the positions they take or of third parties. If you wish to contribute something constructive you are most welcome, if your intention is otherwise we would ask you to make your way elsewhere.